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Hey Bear in partnership with Bear Aware proudly offers bear spray for rent

Thank You for Choosing to Rent Bear Spray

You are saving time, money, and lives when you rent bear spray instead of buying or choosing not to carry it at all when you are on your outdoor excursions.

**Please read through the following sections carefully to understand the process of renting bear spray from us. If you have additional questions after reviewing all the information on this page, please ask a sales associate!**


Before renting bear spray, please review the safety video for a brief demonstration on how and when to use bear spray. It will be on the big TV screen.

Do not proceed to checkout until you have done so, please. If you have more questions, please review our FAQ section below or ask an associate.

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The following is a more in-depth video on how to be safe in bear country, put together by our partners at Bear Aware.


With multiple pickup and drop-off locations around Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the Jackson Hole area, renting bear spray is the most convenient and logical choice.

Pick Up and Drop-off Locations:

Big Sky – Hey Bear Store
Canyon Village – Bear Aware Kiosk
Jackson Hole Airport – Bear Aware Kiosk
Old Faithful – Bear Aware Yurt
Teton Village – Four Seasons*
Jackson – Teton Backcountry Bear Aware
West Yellowstone – Freeheel and Wheel
*All locations have 24/7 drop box for returns except for Teton Village.

Drop-off Only Locations:

Cooke City Visitor’s Center
Fishing Bridge Gas Station
Grant Village Gas Station
Madison Campground
Mammoth Hot Springs Gas Station
Tower/Roosevelt Gas Station
Bozeman Wildlands Building

Vending Machine with 24/7 Drop Box:

Big Sky Visitor Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bear Aware primarily rents UDAP & Counter Assault brand bear sprays. Both brands use Oleoresin Capsicum as their active ingredient & are EPA-rated to be between 1.0% & 2.0% capsaicin & related capsaicinoids.

Bear spray has been shown to be 92% effective in deterring bear attacks. In fact, 98% of people carrying bear spray who got into close encounters with bears were uninjured. (Consequently, firearms are only 55% effective in deterring bear attacks.)

It does not hurt the bear in the long term, but it makes them very uncomfortable.

Bears, especially grizzly bears, may attack to neutralize a threat. Most negative bear encounters happen because people got between a bear & her food source or cubs, or because people surprised the bear. 40% of negative bear encounters occur because the people involved didn’t make enough noise to properly alert the bear to their presence.

It’s genuinely suggested that you not run from a bear. This makes you look like prey, and possibly tasty. Instead, you should stand your ground, but don’t make eye contact, & put your arms out wide to make yourself look bigger to the bear. If the bear encounter continues to escalate, it could be appropriate to deploy your bear spray.

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Add the desired amount of canisters to Cart and proceed with your information and payment. A sales associate will follow up by handing you the bear spray and you are on your way out!


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