avalanche safety gear

avalanche safety in the mountains is imperative

There’s no way of completely eliminating the risk of avalanches when skiing or riding in the mountains. The best tool to keep you safe, however, is your knowledge of the terrain, snowpack, and rescue protocol.

Beyond knowledge, there’s equipment that no one should ski and ride the backcountry without. Teton Backcountry Rentals offers everything from the basic avy beacon, shovel, and probe to avalanche airbags and personal locator beacons.

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Basic Avy gear

Get the complete package

We make it easy to equip you with the right tools for staying safe in the backcountry. Add the Avalanche Safety Package bundle to get a Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Beacon, BCA Shovel, BCA Probe, and your choice of backpack size to carry it all and then some. 

Airbag backpacks

Airbag Backpacks gives you another layer of protection in the event of an avalanche slide. One quick pull of the shoulder-mounted trigger will immediately inflate a large bag of air that surrounds your head and upper body. This acts as a soft cushion that shrouds your body from projectiles and debris, as well as taking advantage of the Brazil Nut Effect keeping you on top of the avalanche slide.

Upgrade Your Avalanche Safety Package

Want to take advantage of our avalanche safety bundle but want an airbag instead of a regular backpack? We got you covered with our Standard Airbag Package and Premium Airbag Package. The Standard features a BCA Stash 22L or 32L airbag pack while the Premium features our Mammut 3.0 Airbag pack in 35L or 45L. All packages come with a Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Beacon, BCA Shovel, BCA Probe. Best of all, save 10% with the bundle!

Airbag canisters

Traveling to Jackson Hole with an avalanche airbag but can’t bring the air canister on the plane? Teton Backcountry Rentals has you covered. Rent a refillable air canister for your backpack. BCA and Mammut canisters available.

Not sure what you need?

We’re happy to answer any questions about snow safety and which rentals are best for you.

More Winter backcountry tools

Whatever you need to explore the Jackson Hole in the winter, we have you covered. From snowshoes to ice axes and GPS emergency locators, contact us to outfit your winter backcountry travel.

Know the risk

It is absolutely critical that you understand and accept the risks of travel in the backcountry. Arming yourself with the tools and knowledge and is best weapon you have to protect you while skiing and riding.