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Backcountry Planning Services

In Reach

Enjoy the comfort of communication. The Garmin In Reach is THE satellite communication device. It is a great safety addition for those who are headed into areas of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that do not have cell reception (many). We use this incredible piece of technology for checking in on extended trips, checking weather, sending trip updates to family, and as an emergency communication device.

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Blue-Dot Directions

View your route from your palm. Routes and map overlays will be provided on your smart phone for easy and convenient navigation through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Follow your progress with GPS and never get lost!

In Person Consulting Session

One of our terrain experts will be available for a quick consultation with regards to mapping help, route planning, and many of the hard decisions when preparing for your trip.

30-Min Phone Consultation

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime with one of our expert backcountry consultants. We will schedule a custom session to answer all of the questions you have towards your trip and help guide you to the perfect experience


inspiraiton point sign
inspiration point elevation profile

What Inspires You?

Even the name elicits the romantic views of John Muir. He said, “In every walk of nature, one receives more than they seek.” This is surely true for the short, but sweet hike to Inspiration Point, one of the most famous hikes within the bounds of Grand Teton National Park. This hike is best for families, beginner hikers, or those trying to take a rest day before a big adventure. Bath in the glacial waters of Jenny Lake during a hot summer day, watch climbers train on the granite shield above Hidden Falls, or get lost in beauty as you stare into the depths of Cascade Canyon.

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Hang Loose!

The Hanging Canyon “trail” is not for the faint of heart. It is steep and grueling. Yet it is one of those trails that offers the solitude and landscape that tranquilizes, and repairs what needs mending. The trail is unmarked and rugged, but don’t let that steer you away. It is one of the most rewarding hikes in Grand Teton National Park. Stop by all three lakes as you enter the majestic cirque of Hanging Canyon. Arrowhead, Ramshead and Lake of the Crags are situated under the towering cliffs of Symmetry Spire, Mt St John, Rockchuck Peak, The Jaw, and Rock of Ages. The beauty of this hike is unparalleled, especially during the height of wildflower season.

Hanging Canyon
Hanging Canyon map
Hanging Canyon elevation
Teton Crest Trail Waterfall
Teton Crest Saddle

Crest the Horizon

The world renowned Teton Crest Trail (TCT) meanders through mighty mountain passes, crosses turbulent streams, weaves under magical waterfalls, and gives the premier tour of the Teton landscape. This classic trek takes you through blossoming wildflowers; majestic overlooks, and under the shadow of the high Teton peaks. We offer many options of route plans for any level of hiker and backcountry enthusiast.


Divide and Conquer

The Paintbrush to Cascade Trail is a scenic loop that offers an incredible outing amongst blossoming wildflowers, high peaks, old forest burns, alpine lakes, and mountain passes. This is one of those bucket list treks for any enthusiast. The surreal scenery will awe you from the moment you depart the String Lake Trailhead. You slowly ascend about 4000 vertical feet before topping out on the Paintbrush Divide. The landscape makes you pinch yourself as not to wake up a dream of the Lord of the Rings. As you crest the divide you are greeted with amazing views of the Cathedral Group of the Tetons from the North. This one truly is not to be missed.

Teton Crest Sunrise

Gros Ventre Highline Trail

Walk out of our shop door and into this amazing adventure. A few days amongst the call of the chickadee and the jaw dropping views amidst the sprawling Wyoming skies ought to cure the city blues. Welcome to paradise on earth. This backcountry excursion will amaze even the most well traveled hikers. Oh, and did we mention the geothermal hot springs awaiting you at the finish line?


Hidden Campgrounds

We’ve explored it all. Let us share our hand picked favorites… but don’t tell the locals!Let the winds whisper upon a high alpine ridge crest. Soak your feet on the beach as dinner cooks over a rocky fire. Bask in the setting sun with surreal panoramas. We will help guide you to that perfect nights sleep off the beaten path.

Campfire Cooking
Hammocraft on Lake
Wind River Range Lounge