xc skiing in the winter

 Cross country skis are one of the best ways to experience the gorgeous scenery of the Tetons. There are no lift lines or huge crowds between your experience with the pristine nature of a Jackson Hole Winter

Teton Backcountry Rentals can outfit the entire group for a day of fun on the trails with all inclusive classic cross country ski packages including skis, poles, boots, and more.

Cross country skiing basics

Cross country skiing is also known as Nordic skiing. It is an activity that works out the entire body – arms, legs, and core! It’s learning curve is much easier than downhill skiing so it’s fun for beginners and seasoned skiiers alike. It’s a great alternative outing to the traditional lift access resort skiing.

What do you need?

Since this is going to be an active workout, you’ll want to dress in breathable (not cotton!) moisture wicking layers. This way you won’t be stuck with a sweaty wet mess of clothes that’ll zap your body heat. It also makes sure that as you get warmer you can remove your clothes in layers. See this great article about how to layer.

Don’t be caught in the outdoors without the proper safety equipment. Wear a daypack, carry bear spray, and a first aid kit. For viewing wildlife, we recommend picking up a pair of binoculars to accompany your ski rental. And don’t forget the water and snacks!


Teton Backcountry Rentals offers cross-country ski rentals as a full package for ease and convenience. Get a pair of Atomic Savor classic XC skis, boots, and trekking poles. Save more when you rent for multiple days!

Day 1 & 2 = $30/day
Day 3+ = $15/day

  • Price includes Atomic Savor cross-country skis, boots, and poles.
  • Selecting ski length: This is determined using skier weight ranges so the camber of the ski is flexed appropriately when weighted. During pick-up, switching ski lengths are welcome but will be subject to availability. The weight ranges for each length of skis are the following:
    • 163cm = 121 – 154 lb
    • 173cm = 132 – 165 lb
    • 183cm = 154 – 209 lb
    • 193cm = 165 – 220 lb
  • Selecting boot size: Our boots are unisex, though they come in US Men’s shoe half-sizes. If you wear Men’s shoes, we recommend selecting a half-size down from your US shoe size (if your shoe size is a rounded number) or a full-size down. If you wear Women’s shoes, we recommend selecting a size and a half down from your US shoe size (if your shoe size is a rounded number) or two full sizes down. During pick-up, switching boot sizes are welcome but will be subject to availability.
  • Selecting pole length: These should come up to about where your neck meets your shoulder when the pole is sitting on the ground. Another formula you can use is your height in cm x 0.83.


Make the most out of your hike by bringing along a few add-ons. Don’t miss out on spotting a few elk, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles. Always keep a safe distance between you and any wildlife.

Not sure what you need?

We’re happy to answer any questions about snow safety and which rentals are best for you.