The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard

The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard

Hey there! Ready for another Blog?! Today, let’s dive a little bit into the world of Jones Splitboards – The ULTIMATE Jackson Hole backcountry splitboard! We’re huge fans of Jones boards here at Teton Backcountry Rentals.

Jones Splitboarding Jackson Hole, WY The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard

Founded by the legendary Jeremy Jones, they’re more than just boards; it’s a fusion of history, cutting-edge tech, and real world testing. We’ll chat about the nitty-gritty – sizes, shapes, tech wizardry, how they ride, ya know, the stuff that makes Jones Splitboards the obvious choice, in our humble backcountry-expert opinion.

Size and Shape

Picking the right size and shape for your splitboard is like finding the perfect wave. The team over at Jones gets this! They offer a variety of sizes for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes in the backcountry, they’ve got the perfect fit. Picture a directional shape with a tapered tail and a laid-back stance – it’s your ticket to gliding through powdery wonderlands with style and control.The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard



Now, let’s talk tech. Jones Splitboards aren’t just planks of wood – they’re the James Bond of snowboards. The Boltless Bridge ups your game with better flex and durability, and the 3D Contour Base? It’s like butter on toast, ensuring a smooth ride no matter the snow conditions.

Riding Ability

Got a riding style that’s as unique as your playlist? Jones Splitboards have you covered. With different flex patterns, you can choose a board that matches your vibe. Whether you’re all about playful turns or charging down slopes like a bat out of hell, there’s a Jones Splitboard calling your name.

The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard

Riding Characteristics

Imagine a board that’s not just good at one thing – it’s a versatile all-star. Jones Splitboards nail it. From floating like a dream in powder to handling whatever Mother Nature throws at you, the camber profile ensures stability and edge hold for a ride that screams confidence.

The two most popular Jones boards in our fleet echo that versatility. The Hovercraft 2.0 and the Solution. They both have a long sidecut for incredible stability at speed and feature the inner/outer Traction Tech 2.0 edges for that extra grip when you need it. Perfect for slashing pow, bombing chutes and slaloming trees!

Not to be outdone, the Solution is an equally ultimate all-terrain splitboard and offers unrivaled backcountry performance in any snow condition. It’s floaty and playful in soft snow, yet stable and grippy on steep, hard snow. The Flax/Basalt Power Stringers help to absorb chatter on those crunchy days!

About Jones

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Jones Splitboards aren’t just a product; they’re part of an adventure legacy. Testing isn’t done by just using math and computers from someone who doesn’t know what a splitboard is, R&D is done in the field, in the backcountry, in real-world scenarios, by the Jones team!! Jeremy Jones, the brain behind the brand, isn’t just a snowboarder; he’s a pioneer. With a commitment to eco-friendliness, Jones Snowboards isn’t just a name; it’s a statement in the snowboarding world.

Grand Teton National Park Splitboarding Backcountry

Conclusion: The Ultimate Jackson Hole Backcountry Splitboard

So, there you have it, folks – Jones Splitboards are your ticket to the uncharted backcountry… your backcountry sidekick! Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, Jones has the board that’ll take your riding to new heights.

Stop on by the shop! We’ll get ya set up with a Jones splitboard for your epic Jackson Hole or Grand Teton adventure. Or shoot, ya wanna quickly skin up and ride down Snow King here in town while everyone else is doing something lame, like taking a nap? We got ya covered there too!

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